Elisabeth David (Studio Owner)
Teacher Trainer – Pilates Instructor – Core Fitness Instructor

Since the age of three, Elisabeth competitively showed horses. She competed with the top riders in the country, and by age sixteen, she knew she needed to add something to her weekly routine to get her to the next level. After some research, she realized that Pilates was commonly used by equestrians to improve their sport, so Elisabeth jumped right into it. After only a few sessions, she found that it not only kept her strong and lean, but it helped with her timing and form. It also gave her the physique she always wanted. Within just a few months of her new routine, Elisabeth reached the Grand Prix level and went on to represent Florida in the Junior Olympics for Show Jumping. She discovered Pilates is a full mind-body workout, and it quickly became her passion. During college, in the absence of her horses, Elisabeth was able to maintain the strength she worked so hard to develop by continuing her weekly Pilates workouts. Elisabeth graduated from Florida State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Media & Communication Studies. Elisabeth has two Pilates certifications: Power Pilates (New York, NY) & Classical Pilates Education (Boca Raton, FL). Additionally, she is a Teacher Trainer for Classical Pilates Education. 


Courtney Denning
Pilates Instructor – Core Fitness Instructor – PR/Community Engagement

Courtney has always had a passion for being active and healthy. She started dancing when she was three and continued dance and playing various sports through high school. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Psychology she found herself in a sedentary corporate job. She missed organized sports and dance and found herself looking for a more health-focused profession. Courtney realized she could take her love of Pilates and desire to help others who want to get stronger, leaner and healthier by becoming a Pilates instructor. Courtney received her first Pilates education through Balanced Body and her 2nd Certification through Classical Pilates Education. Courtney believes everyone can benefit from Pilates, whether it’s for cross-training, rehabilitation or to get, or stay fit! 

Mendi Eskew
Yoga Instructor

Mendi discovered yoga in 2001 and immediately fell in love. The feelings and benefits she discovered through her yoga practice created a passion that grew and soon became a way of life. Feeling grateful for what she found on her own journey, she took the path further and decided to become a yoga teacher. After completing her Yoga Alliance Certified 200RYT, she’s following her passion in sharing her practice with others! As an active runner and fitness enthusiast, Mendi knows the importance of taking time on the mat to slow it down to breath, recenter, reconnect within, even if it’s in a long deep hold in plank! As a teacher, Mendi believes yoga heals and helps students re-discover deep contentment within themselves. Her intention is to help others live full, healthy lives filled with gratitude. 


Steph Kemna
Pilates Instructor – Core Fitness Instructor

Steph’s passion for fitness and wellness began at a very young age. She began training and playing competitive volleyball at the age of 12, and her dedication to the sport earned her a volleyball scholarship to Benedictine College in Aitchison, Kansas. As a student-athlete, Steph excelled on the court and in the classroom graduating with a degree in studio art. She searched for ways to remain active and excited about fitness after her years as a collegiate athlete. Steph stumbled upon Pilates and instantly fell in love with the full body, mind, and overall core workout. Steph became a huge supporter when she saw results from the low impact workout- longer and leaner muscles, increased core strength, and improved flexibility. She received her certification through Classical Pilates Education. Steph also enjoys staying active and fit through a variety of other activities such as swimming, kickboxing, wake boarding and water skiiing, tennis, bicycling and walking her dogs Biggie (an English Bulldog) and Smalls (a Great Dane). She also enjoys trying new restaurants, Netflix binges, and traveling the world with her partner, Brian. Her goal is to practice Pilates on every continent- 5 out of 7 complete! 


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Skyler Linn

Skyler began seeing the benefits of Pilates at the age of 14 while attending the Kansas City Ballet School, and during summer intensive programs at the Joffrey School and The Ailey School in New York. She continued Pilates at the UMKC Conservatory for Music and Dance, where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance and while dancing professionally for the Sarasota Ballet Company, in Sarasota, FL. She has found Pilates to be the ideal way for her to build strong core muscles, maintain proper body alignment, and develop long lean flexible muscles. Skyler enjoys the variety she finds in each Pilates class, which allows the body to be constantly challenged. She runs, plays tennis, and dances with more ease due to Pilates. Skyler received her first certification through DK Body and her 2nd Certification through Classical Pilates Education.


Jean Orson
Pilates Instructor

Jean grew up in Kansas City and stayed very busy playing multiple sports which eventually led to a volleyball scholarship in college. Having a general love for all types of fitness; she was humbled by the unexpected challenge Pilates provided after her first mat class in 2003. As Jean’s Pilates experience grew, her desire to better understand and study the art of Classical Pilates naturally followed. In 2007, she was certified to teach mat classes through Power Pilates. She truly enjoyed teaching clients and was gratified to help them live a more active, pain free, healthier and balanced life. In 2016, she made the decision to challenge her knowledge further by pursuing a comprehensive training program. The rigorous training has enabled her to work with clients, on a broader scale, helping them move and challenge their bodies safely. She celebrates clients strengths while honoring their personal limitations. Jean believes one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to become more aware of how our body moves in hopes that when we are busy living life, we can move through it more mindfully and safely.

Kathleen Osbern
Pilates Instructor – Core Fitness Instructor

Kathleen found her love of helping people through nutrition while studying to become a Dietitian at Kansas State University. However, after graduating, she felt there was something missing. Though food had always been a passion of hers, she realized she was missing a vital part of the wellness equation: fitness. Kathleen grew up very active playing volleyball and cheering, but college had caught up to her and she needed something more. She fell in love with Pilates and all of its benefits after taking her first class at Pilates of Kansas City shortly after it had opened. She has been hooked ever since. Kathleen further became convinced of Pilates’ effectiveness after seeing a reduction in the low back pain she had experienced since cheering in high school. The mindfulness and core strength she gained from her Pilates practice impacted her workouts outside of the studio and went hand in hand with her career as a Registered Dietitian. It was only natural to look into Classical Pilates Education and after taking the leap, she hasn’t looked back! Kathleen is certified through Vault Barre and Vault TRX and is receiving her Pilates certification through Classical Pilates Education. She absolutely loves teaching and is thrilled to be a part of the Pilates of Kansas City team. She truly believes every person can benefit from Pilates and hopes to help clients make a positive change in their fitness and wellness routines. 

Laura Wiebelhaus
Pilates Instructor – Core Fitness Instructor – Occupational Therapist

Laura Wiebelhaus has always been into fitness, but being a runner was wearing on her body. Her love for Pilates came when she started taking classes at a local studio. Instantly, she fell in love with the concepts, principles, and movements of Pilates. It was refreshing to be getting a fantastic workout without the wear and tear of traditional running. She received her certification through Classical Pilates Education. She is currently an Occupational Therapist and wants to utilize her background to help adapt movements for clients at all different levels of fitness. With Pilates, her goal is to help clients gain strength, mobility and function with their bodies. She wants to help clients feel better about their health and fitness.  

Natalie Wolfe
Core Fitness Instructor

Growing up a competitive dancer for over 15 years, Natalie got many opportunities to train in several different fitness fields as a form of conditioning. Her most impactful experience was training with American Ballet Theatre in New York City for the summer of 2011 where she fell in love with the barre technique. Becoming a barre instructor was a natural next step as ballet barre alignment and principality is the foundation of fitness inspired barre. She first started teaching barre at Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska. Natalie’s move to Kansas City for school brought her to Pilates of KC. Natalie likes her classes to be well rounded being a mix of toning via barre but also cardio throughout the class. She hopes clients leave feeling stronger than they came both physically and mentally. 

Wendy Zoog
Yoga Instructor

A Registered Nurse, 200 E-RYT and total anatomy nerd. Wendy understands the importance of body limitations and proper alignment. Having undergone two total hip replacements over the past three years, she is inspired by the relationship we have with our body and breath. Sharing the message to prioritize and nurture is always woven throughout her classes. Wendy’s goal as a teacher is to create a fun yoga experience that helps students feel stronger, deliciously well balanced, energized, educated and amazing when they walk off their mat! Wendy loves to challenge her students while keeping them safe so they can practice for years to come. 



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